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If you have a property which has signs of damp then you already know how unslightly it can be. But in many instances damp triggers mould growth which can also effect your respiratory and immune system.

Do You Have Signs of Damp in Your Property?

If the damp is left untreated the issues become much worse, in some cases causing structural damage leading to significant repair costs with builders and surveyors. When left untreated, the unfortunate fact is that the damp invariably becomes more severe and will eventually cause structural damage leading to higher repair costs in the long run. When diagnosed promptly the underlying causes of the damp in your home can be addressed and treated both effectively and cost effectively. When you first notice you’ve got a damp problem, that’s the right time to take action and call a damp proofing specialist. We are a time served local company specialising in damp proofing in Risca and all aspects of damp treatment and remedial repair works throughout South Wales.

Causes of Damp in Risca

The major 3 causes of damp are:

Penetrating damp
Rising damp

Learn More About Each Type of damp found in properties throughout the UK in the handy table below:

Where penetrating damp is below the high external ground level we would carry out a process called tanking, this is applied internally at the bottom of the wall as part of the rising damp treatment.

Where penetrating damp occurs above the external ground level it is often the case that we would apply a water repellent called SecoTherm, to the outside brickwork, this prevents rain penetration into the brickwork and the chemical structure allows any moisture present in the wall to evaporate into the atmosphere. (A breathable membrane.) Other treatments include repairing damaged brickwork, guttering, downpipes and roofing repairs. After carrying out a free, no obligation survey of your property our surveyor will be able to advise straight away what is causing penetrating damp in your property and will advise on the best treatment option, this will be followed up by a written quotation for treatment within 48 hours.

When treating rising damp in Risca all work undertaken by our team is carried out in accordance with British Standards BS-6576-1985, entitled, The Installation of a Chemical Damp Proof Course.

If required, and the new damp course needs to be injected from inside of the property (rather than the outside which involves less remedial repair work) plaster would be removed from the wall to a minimum height of 1.00 metre from the internal floor and a chemical damp proof course would be installed, if possible and the injection can be carried out externally this makes the job cheaper in terms of its cost to the homeowner as remedial repair works such as re plastering will not be required. Wherever possible we inject new courses externally but on the occassion this is not possible we will explain why to the homeowner.

Brickwork would be treated with an anti-sulphate solution to stabilise the salts ensuring no further salt contamination to the new plaster, after which a lightweight renovating plaster will be applied to the brickwork and then the wall will be skim plaster finished.

Sometimes the treatment for condensation in Risca can be as simple as opening a window or turning on an extractor fan when cooking, but for more serious condensation problems professional solutions may be needed. Our surveyors and treatment specialists are passionate about providing good indoor air quality to everyone, which is why we offer a wide and varied range of eco-friendly and innovative ventilation systems, designed to deliver homes with fresh, filtered air. After completing a free, no obligation survey of your property we will be able to advise on the best course of action to rid your Risca home of condensation, on many occassions we find that simple lifestyle changes are all that is required for treatment, and as such there is no cost to the homeowner, on other occassions with more sever cases professional services are required and quoted for in which case it is important to speak to the specialists about damp proofing in Risca at your property.

For more information about any of our services, or to arrange a no obligation site survey and quotation for treatment at your property please contact your local damp proofing company in Risca today.

Environmental & Structural Factors

Damp is the result of environmental and structural factors. Houses built on a flood plain must have effective damp coursing or basement tanking, due to the fact the lower floors of such a property in most cases extend below the water table. Victorian properties, such as the ones found in areas like Roath, were built to different standards than today’s and are vulnerable to penetrating and rising damp. In many instances, insensitive alteration has increased condensation troubles, too.

Britain’s weather patterns are clearly changing, with hotter summers and wetter, wilder winters. Flooding and torrential rain has become commonplace, so if your property predates the 21st century you probably need to revise your damp proofing. We specialises in conservation damp proofing in Risca, and our surveyors always recommend the proper treatment which respects your properties heritage.

Diagnosing Damp in Your Risca Home

If you have damp in your home and are unsure of the cause please either consult our online, self diagnosis guides or simply give us a call or email us for some no obligation, free advice.. We offer free inspections and surveys for damp proofing in Risca and surrounding areas, contact us today if you would like to book an appointment

Damp Treatments in Risca

The best way of dealing with damp depends on its cause. For condensation, better ventilation, insulation and more efficient home heating often works wonders. Penetrating damp is often treated either by handling failed brickwork, re pointing, dealing with roof damage or by applying a water repellent coating to the propertys exterior, and for rising damp it is often the case that a new damp course injection is required, this could either be a partial injection or a full injection to all exterior walls.

In some cases damp problems in a property can be more complex with different causes resulting in extensive damage. The fastest and easiest way forward is to get in touch with a specialist damp proofing company with the experience and expertise required to effectively diagnose and treat the problems at hand. We deliver a 100% diagnosis and cure rate for any damp problem in your home or business premises, and all treatments handled by our team carry a 30 year guarantee as standard. We serve Risca and all areas in South Wales with pride!